How to return feedback comments to students without showing them their grades.

In order to return feedback comments to students, the assignment uses the “Grading Workflow”. “The Grading Workflow can be released to the students with the grades blanked out. You can use this setting to return only feedback comments without showing the grades.
There are three ways to manage the grades separately: A. Hide the assignment and enter the grades, B. Add a grade item to the grade table, or C. Add a feedback-only assignment content.

Create feedback comments

  1. Create a feedback comment.
    09-01-06. Grade submissions (Quick grading)
    09-01-07.Grade submissions(Individual grading)
  2. When creating a feedback comment, enter the feedback comment with the grade blank as shown below, and set the scoring workflow status to “Released”.
  3. At this point the student can see the feedback comments in Waseda Moodle, but the grade is not shown.

The following is a list of three methods (A through C) for managing grades separately.

A.Hide the assignment and enter the grade.

  1. After displaying the feedback for a period of time, you can “hide” the assignment and then enter the grade. Click “Hide” as shown below.
  2. When You clicked on “Hide,” it said, “Hidden from students.”
  3. In this state, enter the grade and click “Save changes”.
  4. Even if you enter a grade, students will not be able to see the score because it is hidden.


B.Add grading items to the grading table

  1. You can manage the grade of an assignment by adding and entering grade items to the grade table. Click “Add Grading Item”.
  2. Enter the name of the item you want to add to the “Grade Items” field, and then click “Save Changes”.
  3. In the example, the “Teaching Quiz Results” is displayed. In the example, “Teaching Quiz Results” is displayed.
  4. You can enter the grade from the icon.


C.Add issue content specifically for feedback.

  1. Set up a separate issue content for feedback only, separate from the relevant issue content.
  2. Enter feedback comments for the target enrollment and set the status as “Released”.
  3. “Click “Save all quick grading changes.
  4. Only the feedback comments will be displayed from the student screen.

Last Updated on 2023-05-12

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