10-01-05.Export/Import of questions

The procedure to copy Question bank to another course as follows.
[Export as a file] in the original course
[Import file] in the course of the copy destination


  1. Exporting questions
    [Export as a file ] in the original course

    In “Export” menu, choose the following and click [Export questions to file].

    File format Moodle XML format
    General Select the category of the issue bank you want to export

    The file “questions-course name-category name of question bank-file export date.xml” will be downloaded.
    In the example, questions-サンプルコース1-カテゴリその1-20191115-1823.xml was downloaded.

    Exporting question bank is by category. If you want to export only one question, prepare a subcategory and put only one question in it.
    In that case, uncheck “Write category to file” of “Export category.”


  2. Importing questions
    [Import file] in the course of the copy destination

    Import the exported file.
    Select the following in the ‘Import’ new and click [Import].

    File format Moodle XML format
    Import questions from file Upload file to import by drag and drop, or specify the file from “Choose a file.”

    Imported file will be displayed in question bank.

  3. ※1 Samples of various question types are published below.
    Refer to:
    【Waseda Moodle】教職員お役立ちコンテンツ集/Useful Content for Faculty

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