10-01-08.Add all or nothing multiple choice question

All or nothing multiple choice question is a multiple choice question where if there are multiple correct answers, the answer is incorrect unless all are correct.

A sample collection of this question type can be downloaded below.

Refer to:
10-01-20.How to use quiz sample questions in your course

  1. Choose [All-or-Nothing Multiple Choice] and click [Add].
  2. Enter title in “Question name” and “Question text.” Enter “Default mark.
  3. If [Shuffle the choices?] is enabled, the choices will be shuffled.
    You can choose number or alphabet to attach to the choices in “Number the choices?”
  4. Set the answer. Enter choices needed from “Choice 1.” Check “Correct” for the correct answer.
  5. Click [Save changes], and the question will be added to the quiz.
  6. Check the question on the preview display.

Last Updated on 2023-02-22

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