10-01-20.How to use quiz sample questions in your course

A sample collection of all the question types are uploaded in the following course. It can be used by downloading files you want to use and importing to your own course.

Refer to:
【Waseda Moodle】教職員お役立ちコンテンツ集/Useful Content for Faculty


If you want to copy “Assignment,” “Discussion” and so on other than Quiz, please see following page.
Refer to:
⇒Import course content to other course


Copy sample questions on Waseda Moodle
    1. Log in to Waseda Moodle.
    2. Click the course of “教職員お役立ちコンテンツ集/Useful Content for Faculty” (Faculty members are registered as participants.)
    3. Samples of each question format are displayed in Quiz Sample.
    4. Click 【 】 icon to see the sample question.
    5. If you click [For download] Quiz_XXX question (XXX is a question format), a file for importing will be downloaded.
    6. Import the downloaded file to your course.
      Refer to:
      10-01-05.Export/Import of Quiz question

Last Updated on 2023-02-22

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