“Turnitin” is an online tool which allows you to quickly view similarities with existing information by querying reports and assignments submitted by students for other students’ submissions and information on the Internet. It was also implemented in Course N@vi, but there are following differences.

If you want Turnitin to judge the similarity, you need to set this before the student submits their assignment. If the settings are changed after the student has submitted the assignment, the similarity will not be determined.

Course N@vi Waseda Moodle
Perform similarity judgement function
“No” “No”

*On July 3, 2020, we changed from “Yes” to “No”.

Timing of check After the submission due date (after deadline). Any of the following 1) or 2) can be set for each assignment.

1)After the submission period of the assignment (after the due date), 2) When the students submit the assignment.

*Default is 1) After the submission period of the assignment (after the due date).

*In the setting of 2), if two people submit similar assignments, the similarity between these two assignments will be displayed only in the “assignment submitted later”

File format doc、docx、pdf、txt doc、docx、ppt、pptx、pps、ppsx、pdf、txt、htm、html、hwp、odt、wpd、ps、rtf、xls、xlsx


File formats other than those listed above, such as image and sound files, can also be submitted, in which case the following error message will be displayed (similarity judgement is not applied, but the file has been submitted).

To avoid confusion for students, it is recommended that Turnitin is switched off when submissions are requested outside of the relevant file format.

Takeover of settings when copying existing assignments No takeover

(Set to “No check”)

Maximum file size 20MB 100MB
License screen None When the similarity judgement is set, the license screen “Turnitin End User License Agreement (EULA)” is displayed at the first use.

・If you agree, you will be subject to the similarity check. (Once you agree, it will not be displayed when you submit the subsequent assignment.

・If you do not agree, you can still submit the assignment, but it will be excluded from the similarity check. Unless you agree, the license screen will be displayed each time you submit the assignment.

Referencing similarity check (Plagiarism check) result No You can set “Yes” or “No” for each assignment. *Default setting is “No.”



Now let’s look at an assignment with “Turnitin” set.

  1. Open an assignment. Click [View all submissions].
  2. The similarity result will be displayed as a percentage along with the TurnitinID below the student’s submitted assignment.
    *Immediately after the student submits the file, “Queued” is displayed. After a while, TurnitinID is displayed, and then the similarity result percentage is displayed. Click the percentage.
  3. Submitted assignment will be displayed on Turnitin screen. Similar parts are highlighted. In the following case, part ”1” and “2” are judged to be similar. Click the [Percentage] on the right menu to display a summary of the match.
  4. For each part, a summary of matches is displayed. The reports of other students and websites which have a match will be displayed along with the percentage. Click to see further details of the match.

    The logic behind the judgments is not disclosed, and correctly cited sections, common phrases, proper nouns, and lists of references may be judged as highly similar, and if the website is not in a database, the match rate may be low.In addition, if the website does not have a database, the match rate may be low. For these reasons, please be sure to check the contents of the report or paper thoroughly, and use the similarity results only as a reference.
  5. A list of similar reports and Internet sites information will be displayed.
  6. Click [Download] on right menu to download PDF file.
  7. Click [Current View] to download the file with the similarity check result as displayed.
  8. The file is downloaded as a PDF.


If the number of characters in the submitted document is small (approximately 40 characters or less in Japanese), it will be displayed on the rating screen as shown below and similarity check cannot be performed. Even without performing similarity check, the content of the submitted document can be confirmed.

Added in May 2023
The following AI is displayed on the Turnitin submission confirmation screen.
It is a function that judges sentences using AI such as ChatGPT, but you need to be careful when using it.
・It does not support languages other than English.
・This function is still under development. You can’t just believe the resulting numbers.

Added in Janualy 2024
Regarding Turnitin’s AI display, the service will be discontinued as of December 2023.
At this time, there are no plans for future installations.

Last Updated on 2024-01-16

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