09-01-08.Grade group assignment

For group submissions, you can give grades and feedback to the entire group.

    1. Open an assignment you want to grade. The number of groups and submissions are displayed.Click [View all submissions].
    2. A list of participants for the assignment is displayed. You can check each participant’s (group’s) status of submission and grade. Click [Grade] for the participant who belongs to the group you want to grade.
    3. Enter a grade. If feedback for the assignment is set, you can put feedback comment.
  1. Set Group submission settings. If you choose [Yes], the grade and feedback here are applied to the entire group.
  2. Before saving, set whether to send the grade to students by email. Check [Notify students] if you want to send it, and then click [Save changes].
  3. The grade and feedback are now saved.
  4. Click [View all submissions] to return to the participants list.
  5. Now all the students in the same group are graded and given feedback.

Last Updated on 2023-02-22

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