Q【Undergraduate Students(excluding online degree programs)】How many credits can I register for courses offered online?


Online courses (courses where online classes account for more than half of the total class hours) may not account for more than 60 credits of the prescribed number of credits required for graduation from undergraduate programs (called “60-credit limit”).

You can check the Class Modality Categories of each course by Web Syllabus Search or Web Grade Report. On the Web Grade Report page, courses whose class modality category are online will have the word “[Online]” at the end of the course name (for courses in other departments, at the end of the department name). These courses will be subject to the 60-credit limit. See the link below for further details.

●Syllabus Search
  – Concerning the ” Class Modality Categories ”
   - Cautionary points on the maximum number of online courses that can be counted toward undergraduate graduation credits

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