QCan I transfer the credits earned during the Study Abroad period?


The criteria and handling of credits earned at your study abroad destination will vary depending on the School/Graduate School you belong to. If you have any questions, please consult with the office of your School/Graduate School.

Make a course plan even before you start studying abroad

Before you start studying abroad, it is important to make a study plan for the period of your study abroad, including a plan for after you return home. Depending on the type of study abroad program and the courses you take during your study abroad, you may not be able to receive credit for some courses.

Check the Transfer Credit approval procedures before and after your study abroad.

For information on how to apply for credit after studying abroad, please refer to the information provided by your School/Graduate School before and after studying abroad.
If there are any documents that can only be obtained locally, please make sure to obtain them before you return to your home country.
After returning to Japan, please submit the required documents by the date specified by your School/Graduate School.

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