Course N@vi Manual

01. Before Using Course N@vi

02. Course N@vi Folder Structure and What You Can Do in Teacher Mode

03. Login to Course N@vi

03-01. Course N@vi login method and Course N@vi windows

03-02.Using the Basic Version

04. Creating and Editing Information

05.Creating and Editing a Lecture Folder

05-01. Creating lecture folders

05-02. Editing a lecture folder

06. Creating Contents in a Lecture Folder

06-01. Material contents

06-02. Quiz

06-03. Questionnaire

06-04. Discussion

06-05. Report


06-07. Editing contents

07. Checking the Class summary

08. Editing Your Profile

09. Managing Groups

10. Using Private Inbox Messages

11. Course N@vi Functions

12. TA/Guest Registration Form

13. Course evaluation results viewing and publication


First Step Guide

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